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J.R. Byrd

WE love and deeply miss this wonderful man! J.R. has given us the joy of great music and is now singing in heaven. Please take a moment to listen to this man's voice and hear his heart through his words in song. He was one of the most talented musicians we have ever known. 

J.R. Byrd has a style, feel, and vibe that elevates him to a plateau that very few artist achieve. This extremely talented singer/songwriter blends his love of jazz arrangements into many of his musical writing styles including: Rock, Americana, Christian (hear the enclosed song, Here I Am) and R&B. This University of North Texas music man was truly a one of a kind. (Make a difference for J.R. Byrd)

Axon Entertainment, Inc.  Azle, TX    Office: 817-366-5129

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