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"A GREAT song and an excellent production! Honored to debut"

- Philip Gibbons, Radio Hall of Fame Inductee - WGSQ 94.7 The Country Giant

New Album Released!

Now Available Worldwide!

JC - Last Ones to Leave - Top 10
JC Songs

Now spinning on radio coast to coast, Jeff Clayborn's "I Reckon"

Jeff Clayborn - I Reckon

Uncommon as a seven-point buck in December, true country gentlemen are hard to find. Jeff Clayborn (JC) subscribes to a brand of organic country that can’t be replaced or altered. A Texas tumbleweed with down home roots, Clayborn sports Southern swagger from his signature low-brimmed hat to his cowboy boots.

Jeff Clayborn's "Caddy in the Campground" has exploded (a TOP 10 Radio HIT) and is being hailed as one of the years Best Country Songs! With over 500K views, it's  "Caddy" time!

NOW AVAILABLE! Watch "Good Bar Attender" #1 in the UK, featuring Chad Prather!

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