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Sean Michael Kaye releases new EP!

Sean Michael Kaye - Broken Heart Cover -  SPOTIFY_Header.jpg
The Cabin Record Co.

Produced by Grammy Award-Winner Chuck Ebert, the new pop/rock artist features the essence of Matchbox 20, Gavin Degraw, and John Mayer, but with a distinctive 'one of a kind' Sean Michael Kaye sound.  "Sean's vocals and songwriting are definitely a winning combination for this modern rocker," says Ebert.  "Guy's got talent and I can't wait to hear more!"

Chad Prather brings a new perspective to comedy and music!

Chad Prather - Y'all Shut Up.jpg

"Y'all Shut Up!" debut's at #1 for comedy albums in less than 48 hours on and iTunes! Produced by Grammy® winner Chuck Ebert, the album combines Chad Prathers humor in stand up along with his off the cuff wit in music. 


"Bumpin' Couzin's" will have you in stitches and "Motel 6" has a whole new meaning to 'we'll leave the light on for ya'!  It's a home run of laughter!" - Chuck Ebert

The Cabin Record Co.

"Rooted in Song - An American Music Experience"

Rooted In Song.jpg

"Rooted in Song - An American Music Experience" features some of the best Americana Artists of today. The album features Frank Thomas Green, Grant Maloy Smith, Steel Blossoms, Jason Spradlin, Janky, Jim Kimo West, Jeff Clayborn, Jill Sissel, Jill & Julia, Trevor Sewell, Steve Davison & Peter Janson. "One of the best albums I have produced in years. It's REAL! Full of heart, soul, and passion...a true American music experience!" - Chuck Ebert, Grammy® winning producer.

The Cabin Record Co.

Jason Spradlin releases "Trailer Park Cathy"on The Cabin Record Co. label


Get ready for a ‘wild ride’ with his new single, Trailer Park Cathy, as it hits the radio airwaves! This fun song is nothing short of a riot! “Jason Spradlin takes it to ‘THE PARK’ with one hilarious and perfect TEXAS song! If you haven’t heard about ‘Cathy’, oh wow, YOU WILL!” -

Chuck Ebert, Grammy Award-Winning producer.

The Cabin Record Co.
Trailer Park Cathy 1600x1600 300dpi RGB.

Grammy Award-Winning producer, Chuck Ebert featured on "Making Life Brighter" 

Hosted by talk show host, Winifred Adams!

Making Life Brighter - Chuck Ebert.png

Released!! Jeff Clayborn's "I Reckon" breaks top 10!

Jeff Clayborn - I Reckon Cover - 820x462

Jeff Clayborn's "I Reckon" a previous Grammy® contender for Best Country Solo Performance and Best Country Song, broke to 10 on the international music charts. The Single was produced by Grammy® winner, Chuck Ebert.

Katy Gaby's "Sometimes I Wonder" is stunning!

With her angelic voice and beautiful piano playing, Katy Gaby brings light to the world with theses beautiful heart felt songs of faith. Produced by Chuck Ebert on The Cabin Record Co. label,  it's a wonderful heartfelt experience of hope and love!

The Cabin Record Co.
Katy Gaby

#1 in the UK and a Hot Disc Top 20!

The Cabin Record Co.

New Single Available Worldwide!

The Cabin Record Co.
My Woman is Wine

Christmas singles released by Jeff Clayborn!

Jeff Clayborn - I'll Be Home
Jeff Clayborn - The Christmas Song
CHRISTMAS IS - Jeff Clayborn

Jeff Clayborn has released three singles for the holiday season. All three songs were produced by Grammy award-winner, Chuck Ebert and are now available world-wide.

The Cabin Record Co.
Jeff Clayborn

Jeff Clayborn hits #1 and Top 10

in only one week of release!

Jeff Clayborn

The Cabin Record Co. has just gone TOP 10!

The Cabin Record Co.

The Cabin Record Co. has just become a Top 10 Independent Record Company! With the release of Jeff Clayborn's new single, "Caddy in the Campground", The Cabin Record Co. has broken the "Top 10 Independent Record" radio charts as well as the Country Main Radio Chart!

Over 500K Views!

Jeff Clayborn - Caddy

Jeff Clayborn releases EP and Single!

Jeff Clayborn EP

Jeff Clayborn's self titled EP is now available world-wide! Featuring "Good Bar Attender" (#1 in the UK) and "Caddy in the Campground" (a TOP 10 in the US), JC is putting 'country' back into Country Music!

- Produced by Grammy Award-Winner Chuck Ebert

The Cabin Record Co.
Jeff Clayborn - Caddy

The Cabin Record Co. Artist Jeff Clayborn Giving Back!!

Jeff Clayborn Chuck Ebert

Jeff Clayborn was on hand to present Animal Hope Adoptions with a donation check of $500 from his live concert held earlier this month. Helping the community by giving back, that's Axon Entertainment and our artist, Jeff Clayborn! Thanks to all of those that supported this amazing outreach!

Animal Hope

Denver's Story goes to the Silver Screen!

Axon Entertainment, Inc., is proud to be a part of Denver Moore's history as his story goes to the silver screen in 2017. Same Kind of Different as Me will feature Greg Kinnear, Djimon Hounsou, Renee Zellweger, Olivia Holt and Jon Voight. The movie, based on the 2006 book, Same Kind Of Different As Me, is about a modern-day slave, an international art dealer, and the unlikely woman who bound them together. The New York times best seller was written by Ron Hall, Denver Moore, and Lynn Vincent.


You can hear the rare recordings of Denver and much of his life as narrated by Chuck Ebert and told by Denver Moore, in his own voice, on the recording, Makin' a Difference. Featuring the song "Same Kind of Different as Me", with Miss Sadie (Katy Gaby) as Denver called her, and also "Keep on Toilin'" with Denver singing and playin', "Ticklin' the ivory's, so to speak!" 

Denver Moore - Same Kind of Different as Me
Denver Moore - Same Kind of Different as Me
Denver Moore Katy Gaby Chuck Ebert

The Cabin Record Co. releases Katy Gaby's new album!

The Cabin Record Co., released Katy Gaby's new album, "To Hymn Be the Glory." This collection of Hymns from one of the best vocalist in gospel music today, is filled with heart-felt melodies and passionate piano arrangements.


"Katy Gaby is by far one of the best recording artist I have ever worked with in the studio. This record is a testament to her amazing abilities." - Grammy Award-Winning Producer, Chuck Ebert

Featuring the bonus track "Same Kind of Different as Me" "To Hymn Be the Glory" is available world-wide via iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby, Spotify, etc. 

Katy Gaby - To Hymn Be the Glory

"Good Bar Attender" Music Video Released!

The song is available world-wide via iTunes, Amazon, CDbaby, Spotify, YouTube and more. 

Jeff Clayborn

The Cabin Record Co. announced that the new country anthem, "Good Bar Attender," has just been released to video. The nationally released song features the recently signed recording artist and 'Good Bar Attender,' Jeff Clayborn along with the humorous Chad Prather as "Lucky." Directed and produced by Grammy Award-Winner, Chuck Ebert.

Jeff Clayborn - Axon Entertainment

David Maldonado hits a home run at the Kimbell!

David Maldonado

Axon Entertainment was proud to present David Maldonado at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, TX. The world-renowned flamenco guitarist (#2 on Billboard) was part of "AXON's World-Wide Artist Series." 


Noche de Pasion (Maldonado's very own self-composed symphony) was held in the prestigious Piano Pavilion, at the Kimbell and featured live flamenco dancers, chamber orchestra, and motion video backgrounds. 


This was definitely a night to be remembered and a first for the city of Fort Worth!

David Maldonado - Axon Entertainment
Axon Entertainment
The Piano Pavilion

The Piano Pavilion at The Kimbell

Thanks to our AMAZING sponsors for making this event possible!

DFW Urology
William & Clayborn
Jay's Self Storage
Blue Mesa
Pavlik and Associates
Hutton Financial
The Christian Group
The Cabin Record Co.

Axon Entertainment, Inc.  Azle, TX  817-366-5129

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