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Hymns from Wichita Ave
Christmas at The Cabin
Same Kind of Different - Katy

New Release!


Now available everywhere!

Katy Gaby
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Katy Gaby's NEW album, "SOMETIMES I WONDER" featuring the single "I Can Only Imagine", now available from your favorite streaming service!

Katy Gaby releases Children's album"We're Gonna Follow Jesus"  

Katy Gaby's, "We're Gonna Follow Jesus", is making children and adults too, smile from ear to ear! This fun album is enjoyable for all ages!

"This is one of Katy's best records to date! What a blast! The songs are catchy and will delight the kiddo's of today. I even find myself singing them over and over in my head daily. That's a great sign! Love it!!"  - Grammy award-winning producer, Chuck Ebert

Final - We're Gonna Follow Jesus-1400x14

Katy Gaby's  album To Hymn Be the Glory  - featuring the song

"Same Kind of Different as Me"

Katy Gaby

Katy Gaby's heart-felt  release, To Hymn Be the Glory (Grammy Consideration - Roots Gospel - 2018), follows in the footsteps of Grammy contender (2017), Hymns from Wichita Ave,Her story is amazing all in itself with the ability to still sing after almost losing her vocal abilities forever. The album features the bonus track, "Same Kind of Different as Me" which is the movie title in Paramount Pictures release this October. Click for Press Release.

"The powerful heartfelt vocal performance Katy delivers through the song "Same Kind of Different as Me" will make you stop and say WOW! What a voice and what a story!"  - Grammy award-winning producer, Chuck Ebert

CD's are available for $15.00ea which includes shipping within the continental United States. Contact us for details and payment options.

Bonus Track - Same Kind of Different as Me

"Hymns from Wichita Ave" makes you sing!

Katy Gaby
Katy Gaby

Katy Gaby is a country/gospel singer, songwriter, and one very talented musician.  She can be found playing piano, fiddle/violin, mandolin, guitar, organ, and accordion. (Oh my, did we miss anything?) And, has a voice that only angels could have delivered!  


Katy's Story:  Diagnosed with incurable muscle and lung diseases, Katy was inspired to record the songs that lay closest to her heart before potentially losing her ability to sing. She recorded, Hymns from Wichita Ave, with only 60% lung capacity.

The simplicity of a great record can be heard throughout this Grammy contender, Hymns from Wichita Ave. "These songs go back to my childhood, when I was just four years old, singing and playing at a little church in Fort Worth, TX. The church was on Wichita Ave and I have some very fond memories of that place" says Katy.

"Producing this album and encouraging Katy to deliver the best possible performance throughout her battle with illness is a true testimony to her endurance as an amazing artist," says Grammy award-winning producer, Chuck Ebert. "She stepped up to the challenge and we captured a moment in time that is truly special."

Enjoy a time when music was simple, piano and a voice, just singing a song that makes you smile!

Christmas at The Cabin - Katy Gaby

Christmas at The Cabin takes you on a sleigh ride to a little log cabin on a hill. Enjoy acoustic music at its best with mandolin, fiddle, dobro, piano, upright bass, dulcimer, and more in these timeless classics with a new twist! "Katy Gaby brings the heart warming sounds of beautiful melodies and harmonies filled with Christmas spirit to a place where a fireplace glows with warm embers and a bit of snow on the rooftop." - Chuck Ebert, Grammy Award-Winning Producer 

Katy Gaby Featured!

Grammy contender, Katy Gaby, is featured on the show, Making Life Brighter, hosted by Winifred Adams. Click below to listen to the amazing interview and hear Katy's story of singing with only 60% lung capacity.

Winifred Adams - Making Life Brighter
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